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"Energy. Everything in the universe is made of it, beginning with a single thought. Enhance your well being through your mind, body and soul." 
- Malaika Allen 
Malaika Allen has spent her life across the U.S. After working in communications in Atlanta, GA and then as an international flight attendant, she decided to pursue interests in wellness and holistic health.  She graduated from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Orlando, Florida and is a licensed massage practitioner (LMP), and yoga instructor.  Her strong passion for holistic health and alternative wellness has led to the study of many different practices: Yoga, Qi Gong breathing, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki Energy work, and Chakra balancing.  She believes in bringing mind and body in harmony in order to improve wellness.

In her free time she is a loyal hot yogi, avid reader, and dancer.

"Promote your mind and body harmony through energy and peaceful thinking."

Services Offered:
* Chakra Balancing
* Massage
* Meditation
* Personal Training
* Reiki (Energy balancing)
* Qi Gong (Breathing)
* Yoga 

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I believe in a comprehensive approach to improving and maintaining ones health. A lifestyle that incorporates nurturing of the mind, body and spirit. Holistic approaches, diverse in approach, are tailored to meet your individual needs and lifestyles. Work one on one to address your specific needs and live serentinously.